The Backbone of Food Supply Chain

We Track, So You Can Trust What You Eat!

Tracize is revolutionizing the way food is delivered to food services, restaurants and other wholesale buyers. We are building a truly decentralized and trustless food distribution network which is powered by Blockchain technology to track the food delivery from the farm to the kitchen in order to ensure freshness and quality.
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Tracize Journey
120 Million
Small Farmers
$5 Trillion
Food Industry
$4.5 Billion+
Market Opportunity

Our Advantage

How we are leading a revolution in the Food industry

Innovative Solution

We have developed a solution to global food security issues identified by UN’s World Food Program (WFP).

Trustless Platform

No one part owns or controls the data ensuring that there is complete transparency and trust for all members.

1st Mover Advantage

We have the 1st mover advantage on a solution addressing basic human need i.e. good food that you can trust.

Amazing Team

We are a team of highly motivated industry experts in Food Distribution, Agriculture and Information Technology.


The platform will enable effective management of food recalls in the event of contamination, thus helping save lives.

Large Market

Asia is a huge market with a rapidly growing population and ever increasing demand for healthy lifestyle.

Project Timeline

Token Distribution

Software for Sustainable agriculture
  • February 2018 Project launched.
  • July 2018 Platform development started.
  • February 2019 MVP released.
  • April 2019 IEO launched.
  • August 2019 Farmer and Producer onboarding starts.
  • October 2019 Farmer's Marketplace pre-opening.
  • November 2019 Start of Operations on the Marketplace.
  • January 2020 Launch of Blockchain main network for Traceability.
  • April 2020 Phased global launch of the platform.


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